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The agricultural development in the rich soils of Mindanao is undisputed and has progressed over the years. It exports various agricultural products such as banana, pineapple and papaya to several regions of the world. In addition, to these products, Mindanao also has rich supply of other local fruits that has gained popularity in foreign markets over the years, such as the Philippine Super Mango.
SPFFC, which was incorporated in 2005, saw the demand for Philippine Super Mango grow steadily over the years and was convinces that it could overcome the strict regulatory quality quality control measures imposed by importing countries and supply quality Philippine Mangoes throughout the world. SPFFC boasts of a 2,000 square meter plant to house its vapor heat treatment equipment and to provide an integrated location for all its operating functions, i.e., receiving, sorting, grading, hot water dipping, vapor heat treatment and packing.

 SPFFC Plant is 5,280 sq. mtrs in land area it houses a 12 ton capacity Sanshu Sangyo Vapor Heat Treatment equipment that has undergone strict compliance tests and requirements and is accredited with various foreign government agencies such as the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAFF) and the Korean Plant Quarantine Service (NPQS). The plant is capable of processing up to 24 tons of mangoes a day.

To support its mango operations, SPFFC has a Senior Operating Manager with extensive experience in the mango industry which has benefited SPFFC to become a market leader in its field. He is assisted by an enthusiastic pool of new and young graduates as well as experienced skilled individuals. SPFFC believes in training and developing its personnel in order to excel in the challenging export oriented development.

Due to its tie up with major banana supplier in the reqion, SPFFC has the ability to ship mangoes from Davao City, Philippines to ports of call on Japan and Kroea for only 5-7 days, which is significantly shorter compared to commercial shipping lines.

SPFFC is capable of supplying mangoes throughout the year. It has a network of suppliers and growers from all regions of the Philippine archipelago to fulfill its supply requirements. In addition, it will also embark on company manage farms to further strengthen its supply base and enhance quality control. To ensure quality, SPFFC also conducts training and accredation of its mango suppliers. This is also part of SPFFC's social responsibility to alleviate the current way of living of the local mango growers. SPFFC extends technical assistance to increase their technical know-how with mango production and in total increasing their total production output.

With a commitment to quality, SPFFC ensure whether vapor heat treatment, hot water dipped or untreated, it is the best source of Philippine Super Mangoes.

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